Editing Global Metro

Richard Branson

After incredible late night news on Virgin Trains, enjoyed a whirlwind morning of interviews before setting our own news agenda as I began editing the global edition of Metro.

We had a great editorial board meeting in the Metro's New York office, talking about everything from the Presidential debate to drug policy, crickets (insects not English sportsmen!) and even Arnold Schwarzenegger's muscles.

Was enlightening having my Deputy Editor Juan Nicolas Pinzon Guevara from Bogot, Colombia by my side. He came up with some excellent suggestions, in particular on the way sustainable business needs to move forward.

The failed war on drugs was discussed in our editorial meeting, as well as the terrifying latest statistics on global warming. We talked about the OceanElders and protection of sharks and whales. We need to get on top of these problems as a priority.

We got onto lighter subjects too, notably a survey on what your favourite type of eggs says about you. Apparently if you have your eggs fried you have a high sex drive. I'm definitely fried!

It's great how Metro sees everything on a global basis, and fantastic how thorough all of the coverage is.

You can pick up your edition of Global Metro in countries around the world tomorrow. Let us know what you think. Now I wonder if I can squeeze Virgin Trains onto the front page...

Images byCaroline Voagen Nelson

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