Dyslexics get it right

Richard Branson

A friend of ours has dyslexia. She and her family are often travelling to different hotels. She asked her Mum the other day: How come every hotel we go to has this book called Hollys Bibble'?"

It was quietly pointed out to her that it was the Holy Bible. She opened the page, saw a picture of Christ on the cross and looked up sad. Her Mum asked her what was wrong and she responded: Not looking good for Jesus Krist! And then added that she doesnt want to be religious.

The interesting thing about dyslexics (and who on earth invented such a word to describe people who have difficulty spelling?) is that they often speak and spell as the English language should be spoken and spelt. Maybe we dyslexics do it the right way where as the rest of you do it the wrong way!

Any other good stories out there with examples of dyslexics getting it wrong? For instance, my Mum would always say: "Two in the bush is better than one in the hand."

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