Driving change

Richard Branson Franklin

When you get into a taxi, do you speak to the driver? You never know what interesting person is going to be driving your car, and it is always worth striking up a conversation.

Im fortunate enough to meet lots of brilliant drivers around the world, and some of them have become good friends as we have met again and again over the years. When in the UK we rely upon a charming lady called Natalie to get us from A to B and much else besides.

When were in the US I love catching up with a driver in New York called Franklin. He is one of the most interesting people Ive ever met. Hes well read, a wonderful conversationalist, caring and always trying to help those people that he drives in their lives.

Hes a psychiatrist/priest/friend/advisor/driver all rolled in to one and he soon became a friend. He recently pointed me to a fascinating article in National Geographic about venomous animals and the amount of cures to diseases scientists are finding from them. Perhaps ancient Eastern medicine was on to something centuries before the West.

When you start chatting to someone, instead of just staring at your phone for the entire journey, you never know what you might learn. Why not see if your next driver is the next Natalie or Franklin?

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