Disrupting old education models

Virgin Media Pioneers

As we all know from sharing on the internet every day, the old ways of learning new things have changed forever.

Yet education models are not moving with the times. When thinking about education, the question that needs answering is what king of people do we need for society? Are the traditional methods still fit for purpose?

I didnt go to university, and it is certainly not for everyone. There needs to be more flexibility when it comes to course length, and more support for people who want help getting started in business.

Innovative new models for educating millions of people are beginning to appear online. For example, Virgin Media Pioneers are championing undiscovered talent in the entrepreneurial field. There is also the Youth Enterprise Loan Scheme, which will support entrepreneurship amongst young people through small, low interest, loans.

Jack Hidary wrote an excellent piece in the Huffington Post recently on disrupting old education models with innovative new programs. Some of these are already delivering high-quality education to people who were being left out by the old models.

What ideas do you have to bring great education to everyone? If you have heard about or used any specific programs then let us know.

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