Creating Climate Wealth Singapore

Carbon War Room

This week I was pleased to be a part of the Carbon War Rooms first ever Creating Climate Wealth summit to be held in Asia. CCW Singapore, at the stunning Marina Bay Sands Expo, is a core example of the valuable work that the Carbon War Room does.

After identifying sectors that could be enjoying gigaton scale reductions in their annual carbon emissions - but arent because the markets to enable those reductions are currently failing - a working track is launched. Then, at the Creating Climate Wealth summits, CWR bring together executives, investors, academics, entrepreneurs, and public sector representatives. The working track then leads the discussion into what needs to be done to unlock those gigaton scale solutions, and how we can do it. Those strategies will then be pursued so we can achieve substantial low-carbon growth in these areas.

Singapore is the ideal location for this event: many of the companies in the region, including our kind hosts, are outspoken on their green initiatives, and you can see many of the potential challenges faced globally reflected in the local geography. A dense population raises the challenge of designing smart and efficient city systems, it is a hub for shipping to and from Europe, and is home to a selection of cleantech developers with an Asian focus.

It is inspiring to see such a broad range of individuals and organisations committed to tackling climate change in disruptive, profitable ways. People who are committed to screwing business as usual in their sectors, unlocking new opportunities for growth, and benefitting the planet at the same time.

Everybody has a long way to go in the battle against carbon, but events like this are a great start. At Virgin we aren't perfect but are doing everything we can; here in Singapore we launched a new fitness club where the members will create the energy to power their own equipment. If they make enough energy we can even put some back into the grid. This will help keep our prices down as well as aiding the environment.

Climate Change is the biggest economic growth and job creating opportunity of our generation. Business and entrepreneurs in particular, must take the lead. If we can find the new business models, we will create opportunities, drive capital to entrepreneurs, and get the economy moving again.

Find out more about the Carbon War Room and the next Creating Climate Wealth summit.

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