Cause a change

Branson Centre

If everybody followed the rules, nothing would ever change. Without change there would be no progress.

Sometimes wonderful changes come about naturally, accidentally or completely out of the blue. But change making doesnt always happen by chance. You need to have the right environment, tools, support and attitude to become a change maker.

The benefits of change making should be instilled at an early age. Children will be marginalised if they always follow the rules. Kids should be taught to cause a change and deal with change, rather than just leaving schools with loads of facts.

Over 80% of entrepreneurs started something in their teens, including yours truly. We all need to work on making entrepreneurship universal and broadening the opportunities for people to become entrepreneurs. If you haven't created a revolutionary web business by 25 it is unlikely you will - the window for nurturing change makers needs to be widened.

If you surround yourself with creative people who are eager to provoke positive change then you are more likely to do so too. Plus, once you've changed your world once, you'll do it again and again. It is no surprise that many successful inventors, entrepreneurs and creative talents have success in many different fields.

Once a change maker, always a change maker - but only a few swim against the tide.

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