Bye to the tie 2013


Spotted lots of you getting involved in our campaign to say #ByeToTheTie. Glad you agree that being comfortable and confident in what you are wearing helps with creativity. As you can see from the photo above, yours truly is still fully committed to the cause!

We're keen to keep the fight againt ties up in 2013, and the @Virgin team have made some T-shirts for those who are equally passionate about saying bye to the tie.

Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic presented CTV Morning Live anchor Aamer Haleem with one of the shirts recently, after I relieved him of his unfortunate neckwear on a trip last year.

If you are as anti-tie as us, then let us know on Twitter. You never know where one of the #ByeToTheTie T-shirts could end up...

Image by Michael Prince for Forbes

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