Businesspersons should dress as human beings

Richard Branson

It is great to see Mark Zuckerberg has the confidence to turn up to Wall Street to float his company in the same clothes he normally wears. Its sad to see that it is still such an issue, with some people on Wall Street complaining about his state of dress.

It is easy for business leaders like Mark or I to dress as we feel comfortable, but it would be wonderful if others could take the lead and allow people who work in business to dress as they feel comfortable too.

Part of the reason that business has a bad name is the stuffy clothes people wear. It would be brilliant if businesspersons didnt feel they had to wear a uniform, and leaders could let people be more natural.

Also pleased to see Russell Brand turn up at the Home Affairs Select Committee dressed as a human being recently. Watching the looks on the faces of the Committee members priceless!

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