Business lessons of a number one single

The Human League

For everyone at Virgin, todays date 12/12/12 isnt just notable because its the last time this century when the date, month and year all match.

It is also the anniversary of Virgin Records first ever number one The Human Leagues Dont You Want Me.

The classic single went to the top spot in 1981. One year earlier, with the record label struggling, my partner Nik argues that we should drop The Human League, as their first two albums hadnt sold particularly well.

Thankfully, my other partner Simon said: Over my dead body. The Human League is exactly why Im in this business. He won the argument, and our investment in Phil Oakey and cos potential.

It goes to show that it is worth investing in talent, believing in people and trusting your judgement, rather than making a knee-jerk reaction that isnt in your companys best interests in the long-run.

Plus, if we hadnt put our trust in The Human League, the subject of the song could still be working as a waitress in a cocktail bar

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