Back on board Challenger II

Challenger II

What a day on the sea in sunny Plymouth and Fowey, back on the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II for the first time in 27 years.

Meeting some the original crew who haven't seen each other for nearly 30 years, we had a little trouble recognising each other. As for the famous old boat, it looked as stunning as ever and has aged far more respectably than some of the crew!

We had a little hiccup with the fuel and sucked some flotsam into the engine, which brought memories flooding back of the far more serious mechanical problems back in 1986. But new owner Dan Stevens and his team quickly fixed the problem and have done a brilliant job in renovating the boat.

Because of the delay we were a bit late making it over to Fowey (we love to make an entrance!), but it was worth the wait with a wonderful crowd cheering us into the harbour. Thanks to everyone who came to see a little bit of nautical history.

The original idea for the Virgin Atlantic Challenger was to put Virgin Atlantic on the map - and it certainly worked. The first attempt it sank (with the Virgin logo still showing!) and the next attempt was a success in this beautiful boat. Today was a great way to revisit that legacy and see some old friends too.

The other reason for the Challenger II was simply a love of pushing ourselves to the limit and the spirit of adventure. This is still alive and well, but we'd love to see more people trying out their adventurous sides too. I'm sure one day day soon somebody else will give it a go.

Lots of people have asked whether we would ever take on the challenge again ourselves. Well, we're off to talk it over in the pub - never say never!

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