Allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers

Tesla Motors

These days my ride tends to be an electric golf buggy. Though, if I found myself needing a fun, dependable, and economically sound sedan, I would probably be taking ownership of the stunningly beautiful and shockingly fast Tesla Model S.

My good friend Elon Musk is in the fast lane of electric vehicle development as Tesla power ahead with sales and growth. However some Virgin staff notified me that Tesla are facing some opposition from industry incumbents who want to prevent Tesla from selling directly to customers.

This is certainly a complex issue. Whilst nobody wants to undermine peoples livelihoods, if we are to conduct our businesses and industries in ways that profitably help people and the planet some things will have to change.

In this instance, I think that, by shaking up the United States automaker industry, Tesla are doing a very good thing, and I would greatly encourage you to sign this White House petition (organised by the public) to allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states.

Image by David Addison

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