All human beings are born as entrepreneurs

"All human beings are born as entrepreneurs. But unfortunately, many of us never had the opportunity to unwrap that part of our life, so it remains hidden. Dr Muhammad Yunus.

Last year I wrote about why defending Dr Yunus' poverty-busting Grameen Bank is so important. This fantastic example of business changing people's live for the better has helped to raise millions o Bangladeshis out of poverty since it started in 1979.

Rather than just reading about its wonderful work, you can now see it for yourself in a new documentary highlighting the life and work of this Nobel Prize winner: Bonsai People - The Vision of Muhammad Yunus.

Head over to the films website to find out if there is a screening coming up near you, and take the opportunity to learn more about this remarkable man and his inspiring business.

Some more wise words from Dr Yunus: Poor people are bonsai people. There is nothing wrong with their seed, society never allowed them the space to grow as tall as everybody else.

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