A splash of red

Virgin Atlantic

Received some fun photos from one of our Virgin Atlantic team that really show how we like to put a splash of red into a weary world of grey.

Corinna Reed brought this poster on board one of our flights the other day to make people smile.

Meanwhile, as you can see above, one of our cabin crew turned the Upper Class galley into a DJ booth. Fun fun fun working for Virgin.

This photo reminds me of when BA dropped the Union Flags from their planes and Virgin proudly took over the title of Britain's flag carrier.

This one shows Virgin's first ever cabin crew. Quite the team and a high standard for all of our crews since to follow. Were you in the original crew? What are you up to now, almost 30 years on?

As for the one below? Planes drawn at dawn!

Corinna was involved in a train crash some years ago and told she would never be able to have children due to her injuries. Subsequently she has had three beautiful children.

She has bounced back and is now flying again for Virgin Atlantic. What a great positive example of how to overcome adversity.

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