What makes Richard Branson curious?

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As youre probably aware, Richard Branson is a very curious person. There arent many subjects that dont get the Virgin Group founder going, so what did he choose to talk about when Curiosity.com asked him what it is that makes him so curious?

I mean I love a good conversation. I love listening and learning. I just spent the weekend with Ted Turner, who's an incredibly curious person, in Montana. We spent the weekend talking about saving the wolves and about the bison, explained Branson.

I mean there were only 23 left in America, and now there are thousands. The lemurs in Madagascar - some of those species are down to 150 left. How can we save the lemurs? The sharks - shark finning - I mean millions of sharks have been slaughtered every year and then just thrown back in the water because they're sharks. The tigers - only 2,200 left in the wild. How can they be saved? We are in a position where we can make a difference, and therefore it would be irresponsible for us not to.

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