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Research conducted by Virgin Active has found that exercising with friends will result in longer and more vigorous work outs. 64 per cent of the 1,000 women asked said that they will push themselves harder if they are with others when running or in their local health club, than when they are alone.

"We all have a need to socialise and be with other people, it's written into our DNA so it's no surprise that a lot of people like to exercise with friends as this study shows, commented Gillian Reeves, spokesperson for Virgin Active Health Clubs Whatever Gets You Going campaign.

"Most importantly, having a friend to exercise with makes it more fun - and as well as training hard they can also catch up and treat the experience as another social event.''

The study also found that 31 per cent of women consider their friends to be the motivation they need to stay in good shape.

You are less likely to let your friend down if you arrange to meet them to go to a class or the gym. Many women will spur each other on, and provide their friends with the incentive they need to get going. Sometimes having an exercise partner is the difference between sitting on the couch in the evening and getting up and out of the house, added Reeves.

To find out where your nearest health club is, head over to Virgin Active.

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