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Virgin Money Giving have announced that online charitable donations through their website have increased by 26% in value during 2011/12.

The not-for-profit organisation saw total donations rise from 53.5m to 67.4m, while the average donation was down slightly by 4%, the number of actual donations increased by 31%.

The news is in contrast to the recent Charities Aid Foundation report, which showed donations down by 20% with the public giving 1.7bn less to charity than the previous year.

I am pleased to be able to announce an increase in online giving through Virgin Money Giving when other forms of giving are under strain. Whilst overall giving is down, according to the authoritative CAF study, I believe online giving has so much potential to help close the donations gap and help charities continue with essential front line services, commented Joanna Barnett, executive director at Virgin Money Giving.

We support CAFs campaign to Back Britains Charities and, alongside that, would implore people to go online to give. Gift Aid penetration at Virgin Money Giving is 85% which compares to 39% for all giving - a drop of 3% according to the CAF UK Giving Report - and gives a big boost to overall donations. Online giving is a highly effective and efficient way to give to good causes.

For every 10 given through 12.15 goes to good causes assuming donors are eligible for Gift Aid, since 2009 this has helped raise almost 150 million for charities.

To setup your fundraising page or to find out more, head over to Virgin Money Giving.

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