Virgin Media launches new Travel Passes for surfing abroad

Virgin Media and Enterprise UK partner to sup

Virgin Media today launched a range of new Travel Passes, offering great value for money for customers using the mobile internet and mobile broadband to surf anywhere in the EU.

From just 6.00 for mobile internet access all day or 10 for mobile broadband access (data caps apply), Virgin Medias customers can stay online when away from home without running up any unexpected bills.

Jonathan Kini, director of mobile at Virgin Media, said Virgin Media customers never have to worry about accessing the internet while theyre abroad.

Whether its searching for the best pizzeria in Rome on your mobile or uploading photos onto Facebook with a laptop and mobile broadband, customers now have control over what they spend on holiday.

EU Travel Passes Mobile Internet

Travel Passes for mobile internet include a one hour Travel Pass for 4.00 or a 24 hour Travel Pass for 6.00.

To activate a mobile internet EU Travel Pass, customers simply text BUY + pass name (e.g. 24HR or 1HR) to short code 23456.

EU Travel Passes Mobile Broadband

There are four different choices of mobile broadband EU Travel Passes, which allow customers to access data for one day (10 for 10MB), 3 days (15 for 15MB), 7 days (30 for 30MB) and even a 30 day pass (60 for 60MB).

Activating a mobile broadband pass is also SMS based with the customer texting BUY + pass name (e.g. 1DAY or 3DAY) to short code 23456.

For more information on Virgin Media products and services, visit the company website.

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