Virgin Media closes in on Olympic WiFi target

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Virgin Media on the London Underground

Virgin Media is close to hitting their target of providing WiFi access to 80 London Underground stations by the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, with just a handful of stations waiting to be hooked up.

The internet service provider's ambitious challenge kicked into gear a little over a month ago, with the first stations going live at the start of June. Since then the programme has rapidly moved forward, with both Zones 1 and 2 of the underground network being transformed by the free service.

It's still not entirely clear what will become of the wireless network post London 2012, however Virgin Media were keen to point out that any decision would have the consumer experience at the heart of it.

"We're speaking to a range of potential wholesale partners, including mobile operators, ISPs and other service providers, about our new Wi-Fi service on London Underground. We want to make Wi-Fi on London Underground widely available, with a wholesale model combining the best consumer experience with real choice," a Virgin Media spokesman told ZDNet.

To find out exactly which stations currently have free WiFi, head over to the Virgin Media Facebook page.

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