Virgin goes stocking

Virgn goes stocking

Virgin goes stocking! Inspired by the lovely people at Mashable and Stocking Is The New Planking, we thought we'd spend Monday morning taking

Stocking is a recent web meme where you find photos from the surreal world of stock photos and recreate them.

We don't often wear suits around here, but thought we'd have a Corporate Monday, dust off some old suits, get the ties out of the cupboard and pose for all we're worth.


Here's the Virgin team getting our groove on in our London office. We're the ones on the right, image on the left courtesy of Webstockpro.


What are they doing on all those phones? What's going on with the guy front right's eyebrows? Is the guy back left wearing lipstick? Image on the left (and the one on the left at the top of the page) courtesy of Ambro /


The guy at the front is definitely wearing lipstick this time. And look at those pie charts - we do proper work sometimes, honest. Once more, image on the left courtesy of Ambro /


Virgin Mobile Australia have joined the fun too. Here's one of the team Down Under recreating a frighteningly flexible stock photo.


Virgin Mobile Australia take wooden poses to a whole new level with this handshake stock photo.


Even on Corporate Monday there's room for a little R&R, so here's a stock photo facial massage.


Here's some of the Virgin team when we aren't in Corporate Monday mode. How do you think we did? Let us know and do post your own stocking efforts if you think you can do better!


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