Virgin’s eucalyptus tree biofuel

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Launching Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia have joined forces with Airbus to start work on the development of a sustainable fuel source made from Australian eucalyptus trees.

While this type of fuel has been used in the aviation industry in the past, it has not previously been used by commercial airlines. The fuel is made through sustainably harvesting the trees, before treating them with extreme oxygen-free heat to break them down into a raw material that can be turned into a fuel source.

In order to produce a biofuel that can be used sustainably in our current aircraft, it is important to have members from every part of the supply chain involved, explained Virgin Australia executive of operations Sean Donohue to Supply Management.

Airbus will bring vast expertise in aircraft manufacturing to the consortium and we are very pleased to have a company of its calibre joining this promising Australian project.

And for those of you worrying about the Koalas, heres a little something to put your mind at rest

To find out more visit Virgin Australia.

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