Twitter tips: how to protect your account

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How to create a targeted Twitter account

As social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook continue to grow its important to remember to have your wits about you, with cybercriminals continually trying to find new ways to access your private information.

Twitter in particular can be a breeding ground for cyber attacks, with spam tweets trying to entice you into installing software which could be used to access your personal data. With this problem in mind Virgin Digital Help recently handed out some invaluable tips to Leader-Post, in hope of preventing as many as possible falling foul of cyber attacks.

Be aware that if theres a drastic change in the number of your followers, if your tweets dont appear on your profile or if you get an email from Twitter regarding account changes which you havent made then your account may have been hijacked.

If you encounter this you should; change your password, check the Applications Tab under your account settings, revoke any unrecognised third-party apps, delete any unauthorized tweets and scan your computer with a trusted antivirus vendor.

To defend against attacks; dont click on links from unfamiliar tweets or DMs, make sure your security software is up to date and remember - if a tweet link looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

If you have any more digital queries then head over to Virgin Digital Help.

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