Study predicts surge in homeworking

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A study conducted by Virgin Media has predicted that the rise of new technology will be responsible for a decline in office work, as people opt to work from home.

The research found that 70 per cent of students at one of the UKs leading technology colleges, Farnborough College of Technology, believe traditional offices will soon be a thing of the past. While the development of hologram technology could mean that by 2025, face to face meetings will also be redundant.

The changes are not expected to be confined to the workplace environment, with classrooms also expected to feel the impact. With 88 per cent of the students claiming that online tools such as social media would be widely used in schools in a little over a decade.

"We're glad to have contributed to research which highlights how innovative we are as a nation and how such innovation will lead to a more connected, agile future," explained Beccy Wigglesworth, head of the Hampshire Business School at the college to

Image by San Sharma on Flickr

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