Screw Business As Usual on World Book Day

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Screw Business As Usual

Happy World Book Day to one and all. This years event is of particular significance to everyone at Virgin with Richard Bransons latest book, Screw Business as Usual, currently making waves in the world of business.

Released three months ago the book, which encourages businesses to act as a force for good, has received a number of positive reviews. However, more exciting has been the raft of great ideas to screw business that have come as a result.

Virgins not for profit foundation, Virgin Unite, have been asking people to submit their ideas to change the way we do business. The impressive response have further gone to illustrate the appetite for change amongst the public, with an underlying desire for a move away from traditional capitalist principles that has seen so many global movements spring up in the past twelve months.

To celebrate World Book Day Virgin Unite are asking people to come up with their own original ideas to screw business as usual.

So, have you got something which can flip the way we do business on its head? If so visit theVirgin Unitewebsiteand enter the competition!

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