Rooftop retreat for Grounded Londoners

Southbank Centre

If you live in a city centre youll more than likely find yourself a little stuck for space, particularly gardening space, which might seem a some-what luxury.

Cue Londons Southbank Centre which has taken to its building top to showcase vegetables and plants from across the world and expert landscaping.

Proven a hit since its opening last year, the partnership between the South Bank Centre and Eden Project was last year built from scratch by the Grounded gardening team from Providence Tow Housing Association (PRHA).

Not only does the free rooftop summer retreat provide food (blue potatoes, nagra peppers and olives to name but a few), but gives the members of Grounded (a group made up of service users, tenants and former tenants who have suffered homelessness), experience in horticulture and related roles.

Fiona Humphrey, Chief Executive of PRHA added: The Grounded team have achieved some fantastic results, especially in involving former homeless people and people with mental health problems to regain confidence and build up skills for the future.

Be sure to pop along and admire the garden located along Londons Southbank atop The Queen Elizabeth Hall, open from 10am dusk.

Image - Southbank Centre

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