Richard Branson - why I formed Virgin Unite

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Richard Branson has explained to the reasons behind setting up the not for profit organisation Virgin Unite, with the Virgin Group founder placing an emphasis on the importance of not relying on government action.

Well, I think that what I've come to realise as I've got older is that we cannot rely on governments to sort out the world's problems. In fact, it would be unfair to rely on politicians who may only be in the job for two or three years on average, maximum, to sort out the world's problems, whereas entrepreneurs and business leaders are often there for decades. They've got financial resources, and they've got entrepreneurial skills, explained Branson

So we set up a foundation, Virgin Unite, to a) unite the 60,000 people who work for Virgin, but b) to use entrepreneurial ways of looking at the problems in the world and seeing whether we could address them in a better way than they'd been addressed before.

To find out more about their work, visit the Virgin Unite website.

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