Richard Branson on office romances

Is the heart of your business beating?

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Richard Branson has shared some advice on office romance etiquette.

The Virgin founder wrote for the New York Times Syndicate on lessons he has learned in love and business.

From bringing romance back to the office to making sure lovers do not report to one another within the workplace, Richard Branson offers tips for any blossoming romances.

Keeping office romances offline is another excellent suggestion - you don't want to broadcast your relationship to the whole company!

Richard Branson said: "A great company behaves something like an extended family - cheering successes, finding the upside of mistakes and getting together periodically to reconnect. Employees falling in love is all part of the adventure. It should be celebrated."

Go to to read the whole article on office romance etiquette.

If you're after some more Valentine's Day fun, have a go at our First ValenTimes app to remember your First Times on Facebook. Happy Valentine's Day!


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