Richard Branson - ' nuclear weapons must be banned'

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Richard Branson has recently spoken to about his fears for the future of the planet, with the threat of nuclear weapons and global warming clearly at the forefront of the Virgin Group founders mind.

There are things to worry about, but there are things to be pleased about. I mean the amount of people being killed through wars has decreased every decade in the last 200 years. But there is still the threat of a nuclear holocaust, even by a mistake. Again, talking about Ted Turner, he and myself and others through organizations like Global Zero are doing everything we can to try to get nuclear weapons banned because it must be the right thing to do, explained Branson.

Global warming - it is a big threat. As my wife once said to me, "Man must be intelligent enough to get on top of that problem." We've all got to work hard towards getting on top of that problem. Population explosion is obviously an enormous threat and, at the moment, still growing. Hopefully through people in India and China and Africa becoming slightly wealthier that may have an effect in decreasing populations."

On Sunday May 20th at the NATO Summit inChicago, the future of US tactical nuclear weapons inEurope is on the agenda. Sign the petition before the NATO Summit this Sunday to get nukes out of Europe.

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