Return of The Zombies: The Black Friday Apocalypse

Zombie Consumerism

The nightmare isn't over just yet as John Rooks comments on the return of Zombie Consumerism to Black Friday...

Halloween is over. Weve packed away the zombie masks in favor of more festive holiday caps. But then it happens...all over again and without warning.

One moment we are sitting around a Holiday table giving thanks for our families, breaking bread, sharing bottles of wine and winding ourselves up into a frenzy of Holiday cheer.

The bird carcass sits in the center of the table, picked clean. We lick our fingers, still hungry. Full, but not done.

No sooner have we begun to digest the food in our belly then we begin to turn again. We turn into undead, unconscious shoppers who only mission is to consume more and more. It is Black Friday and we are doomed.

For the past few years, Ive been talking about Zombie Consumerism - that act of theunconscious consumption of goods we crave like the undead do brains. And in the on-going academic pursuit of Zombiefication in our culture, and with the recent onslaught(er) of Holiday advertising come moments created solely for the act of consumption - aptly named Black Friday.

Here, I am forced to once again peel back the flesh of consumerism to reveal that most of what we call Holiday Spirit is really not much more an than permission to consume like a Zombie.

Happy Holidays.

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