Remember remember the environment, on the 5th of November


Whilst you may be mumbling oohs and ahs through chattering teeth on fireworks night tonight, dont forget to make sure that the needs of nature surrounding your display are heard and actioned too.

Us humans love a live flame or three, but burrowing animals might just disagree.

Planning on burning a bonfire? Be sure to check for hedgehogs before you set light to your display they make the perfect environment for unsuspecting wood life looking to burrow.

You might be tempted to let off Chinese (sky) Lanterns too, but remember that they do pose a threat to wildlife, livestock and other animals that lead to suffering.

Wildlife and livestock had become entangled the lantern debris, or mistakenly ingest the remains. Not to mention the fire hazard posed when the lanterns make their return back to the ground.

And finally, dont forget to give your pets an enjoyable fireworks night too. Make sure that pets living outside have their cages partly covered and sound proofed with an area to burrow.

Make sure indoor pets such as dogs or cats always have an area to hide if he or she wants to and has access to this place at all times. Also try and close all curtains, doors and perhaps leave the television on to supress sound and avoid distress.

Now youre ready to drink mulled wine (responsibly), and shine sparklers (with gloves on, of course)!

Are there any other precautions you take to protect the environment on fireworks night? Let us know in the comment box below...

Image - Flickr - duncanh1

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