Lady Gaga & Virgin Mobile USA Team Up Against Teen Homelessness!

Lady Gaga & Virgin Mobile USA Team Up Aga

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Virgin Mobile USA to combat teen homelessness.

The superstar singer has revealed that she will match all donations to Virgin Mobile USA's youth homelessness initiative up to $25,000.

Watch the video to get all the details of Lady Gaga's involvement in this incredible scheme.

Tickets to Lady Gaga's upcoming shows are being given away for free to people who volunteer their time to help the RE*Generation campaign.

Virgin Mobile USA commented: "Over two million youth (between the ages of 12 and 24) will experience at least one episode of homelessness each year and over 100,000 youth sleep on the street for 6 months or more in America.

"Youth homelessness is the result of other societal problems like poverty, drug abuse and addiction, homophobia, mental illness and domestic violence. Young people who've grown up homeless often spend much of their adult lives homeless.

"The RE*Generation is Virgin Mobile's effort to empower a generation to help its own. We're bringing together organizations that care about homeless youth, and connecting them with young people who want to help."

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