Introducing youngest hot air balloon pilot in UK

Introducing youngest hot air balloon pilot in

A 17-year-old girl has become the UKs youngest female qualified hot air balloon pilot.

It just so happens that Milli Karlstrom is also the daughter of Virgin Balloon Flights Director and Chief Pilot, Kenneth Karlstrom.

She has been flying in hot air balloons since she was two and learned to be a pilot in a Virgin hot air balloon in Italy.

Milli said: "It almost doesnt feel real. I cant really get my head around the idea if Im honest.

"Being a pilot is so different to being a passenger of a hot air balloon; whilst you can still enjoy the amazing views, I love the excitement of not knowing where the wind might take me and making decisions on the best way to react. My solo flight was my favourite so far. It was liberating to be completely in control!"

To find out how to become a hot air balloon pilot or book a flight of your own, go to Virgin Balloon Flights' blog.

Greg Rose

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