IMMORTALS: Poseidon's Flight

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Immortalise yourself with Virgin

Have you taken on Epirus Bow or tried your luck against the Labyrinth? For the last two weeks Virgin has been celebrating the DVD and Blu-ray release of the IMMORTALS by unleashing a series of hellish games, with the competition into its final week we introduce Poseidons Flight.

As the most fast-paced and addictive of the three games it draws the player in before spitting them out into the ocean, well, if you lose that is.

You play as Poseidon, swooping down to Earth while trying to avoid Zeus. If you manage to give your tormentor the slip and make it back down in one piece you shall be declared victorious.

Those players who come out on top will be entered into a prize draw, where they will get the chance to go on their very own Virgin Balloon Flights Adventure Package. A flight that will hopefully prove to be somewhat more relaxing than Poseidons.

So play now for fun or sign up to win prizes, best of luck and let the games begin

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