Harrison Ford - return of space cowboy

Harrison Ford stars in Project Magazine issue

Harrison Ford is back - as a space cowboy no less - so Project Magazine thought it was time to put him on the cover of the best iPad magazine there is.

Project Magazine issue 8 features the Indiana Jones (don't mention the fourth one) legend on fulfilling his dream of making a giant western.

Here's what Project Magazine have to say about their encounter with the most successful actor in Hollywood history.

PROJECT Issue 8 Harrison Ford

"Cowboys & Aliens is Fords umpteenth blockbuster, placing him alongside Daniel Craig in a bid to bring down bad things from beyond the stars. It has every chance of being the biggest movie of the summer what more could you want than Bond, Indy and ET?

"We sat down with Ford to discuss a career thats taken in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but, much to his consternation, not a stint as a coal shoveller."

Harrison Ford may be the most successful actor in Hollywood history, but he's not the only one in Project Magazine.

PROJECT Issue 8 Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell, Richard Ayoade and Richard Armitage are also present and correct to talk Captain America, Submarine and The Hobbit.

Of course, Project Magazine isn't all about movies. Head over to Project on Facebook to find out more about issue 8, and download Project Magazine now.

Greg Rose

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