First London Underground tweet sent

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London Underground

Virgin Medias mission to bring the London Underground its own Wi-Fi network has today taken a giant leap forward, with the first tweet being sent from below ground.

The tweet, sent by BBC journalist Rory Cellan-Jones, appeared online claiming to have been sent from deep beneath Londons street level:"Historic first tweet from deep under London using @TFLofficial @virginmedia new tube wifi service - testing, testing."

The news will come of great pleasure to Virgin Media, who set themselves a target of fully connecting the London Underground network for London 2012.

AsVirgin Medias director of wireless, Kevin Baughan, previously explained: "Every wi-fi station you pass through is going to give you the chance to stay connected, by quickly updating Facebook, Twitter, email and the like. Even while travelling people will have a great experience."

In total 80 station should benefit from free wireless internet access in time for the Olympics.

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