Ever seen a film shot at 35,000 feet?

Virgin Produced

Seen any good in-flight films lately? Well, how about a film made entirely at 35,000 feet on Virgin planes?

Virgin Produced have made the first ever film shot and edited on board commercial flights: Departure Date.

The film is described by Virgin Produced as an airborne romance and is set on board Virgin flights from Los Angeles to London, Dallas, Fort Worth and Sydney, Australia.

Richard Branson told the LA Times: "Virgin airlines have swept all the awards for having the best entertainment systems in the skies, but a movie about falling in love with a stranger onboard a Virgin plane: now thats in-flight entertainment!"

Jason Felts, chief executive of Virgin Produced, added: "We pride ourselves on doing things that are a littlebit different, and this is certainly an example of that. As far as we know, nobody has made an entire movie at 35,000 feet."

Departure Date features a crew and cast of 20, including actors Luis Guzman, Janeane Garofalo and Ben Feldman, and is directed by Kat Coiro. It will premiere in June at the Los Angeles Film Festival and feature as in-flight entertainment.

Virgin Produced have already enjoyed huge film successes, including Limitless and IMMORTALS, and recent rumours have suggested a Rolling Stones biopic is in the works.

For more on Departure Date, head over to the LA Times, and stalk Virgin Produced on Facebook.

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