Cutting the cost of a baby

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Cutting the cost of a baby

As any would-be parent will tell you, budgeting for the expense of having a baby can prove to be a huge stress on your finances.

With most of us finding our living budgets already tightly constricted it may seem impossible to give everything to our children that wed like to, while still maintaining a comfortable standard of living.

Luckily, My Virgin Money Magazine have come up with a whole raft of clever money saving ideas. Looking at maternity clothing, baby clothing, milk, food, equipment, nappies, books and toys to work out ways to make your pennies go further.

Alternatively, to get some key insights on the wider financial implications of having a baby - check out My Virgin Money Magazines article on maternity pay, child benefits, tax credits and much more.

To find out more visit My Virgin Money Magazine.

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