Come join us on Google+

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Come join us on Google+

As youre probably already aware Virgin and Richard Branson are no strangers to social media. We love the direct contact platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow.

The next logical step for Virgin has been Google+, with companies across the group being quick to join. Its been an especially exciting last week for Virgin on Google+, with the company ranking as the second most popular Google+ brand page, in terms of weekly changes in the number of followers across all countries and rising to the 20th biggest brand on Google+ (in accordance with Zoomsphere data).

Meanwhile Richard Branson has the fifth most followers on the whole of Google+, with over 1,330,000! Following Richard on Google+ is one of the best ways to keep up to date with his latest projects and hear his views first hand.

Although perhaps the biggest plus of following Richard and Virgin is the opportunity to hangout with the Virgin Group founder. Enjoying the direct contact that Google+ gives individuals, Richard is keen to participate in hangouts, such as this recent one he did with the young History Hunters.

As well as Virgin many other of the group companies are present on Google+, from the airlinesVirgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic providing travel updates, to Virgin Money sharing all the latest details of their mission to rejuvenate the banking system.

Theres all the classics that you know and love such as Virgin Balloon Flights and Virgin Holidays, to the superfast Virgin Media and groups close to everyones heart like Virgin London Marathon and our not-for-profit foundation, Virgin Unite.

Anyway, by now you get the picture. We at Virgin are big fans of Google+ and would love you to join us there. So heres a list of the Virgin Group's presence on Google+, now get following, see you there!


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Virgin London Marathon

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