The Carbon War Room's rallying cry

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Climate Week - Carbon War Room interview

The CEO of the Carbon War Room, Jigar Shah, has encouraged the marketplace to ditch the political process and let entrepreneurs lead the way in the fight against issues such as global poverty.

In the lead up to the RIO+20 conference, which will look to address issues including global environmental destruction and poverty through gathering world leaders, Shah has voiced his concerns about the silent majority.

"Missing from the conference will be a silent majority. That majority is the five billion people who live on $1.25 per day or less. Also in sparse attendance will be the entrepreneurs who steadfastly listen to markets. And, in fact, the billions of people without running water and electricity are a real market that has been and can be tapped to create businesses, explained Shah to Co.Exist.

What if we brought together all the big business gurus with people at the bottom of the pyramid sitting face to face with hundreds of entrepreneurs? Instead of an exchange about saving people and the planet amongst world leaders, what if we had a discussion about the needs of the people at the bottom of the pyramid with the entrepreneurs that could find business solutions to meet those needs?

Shah is encouraged by the work of RIO+20 but is keen to see those most affected are not left out of the decision making process, calling for those at the top to remember the needs of those at the bottom of the pile when creating new markets for them to thrive in.

After all, a new market takes creative thinking. We need new business models to address different problems. And perhaps once we solve some of these problems, we will create new business and technology solutions to be deployed worldwide. We are confident that world leaders at RIO+20 can help set the policies for entrepreneurs to create wealth from the bottom up. And its still not too late to invite fearless entrepreneurs and people from the bottom of the pyramid.

The Carbon War Room was founded by Richard Branson and is one of the not for profit organisations under Virgin Unite, it looks to harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to implement market-driven solutions to climate change and create a post-carbon economy.

To find out more visit the brand new Carbon War Room website.

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