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Get thebest and fastest internet connectionwith Virgin Media's broadband deals.

It's fast. It's fibre optic. It gives you unlimited downloads and UK weekend calls. Yes... it truly is the mother of all broadband.

3 speeds to choose from - up to 2Mb, 10Mb and the UK's fastest, 20Mb. Free internet security included.


Fast and reliable up to 2Mb fibre optic broadband that's perfect for browsing the web and checking emails

Up to 10Mb fibre optic broadband that's just the thing if you want extra speed for downloading music or uploading photos

Extra Large:

Experience the fastest broadband out there, thanks to our up to 20Mb fibre optic service - it's just the thing for lightning fast downloads, watching video and gaming.

terms and conditions apply

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Find out about mobile broadband from Virgin Media


You're paying for your home phone already. Why not move it over to Virgin Broadband and get free wireless broadband as part of the deal?
Free broadband with home phone plan

Get free wireless broadband when you have a home phone with Virgin Broadband Australias $60 home plan. Plug your home phone in and talk away.

- Unlimited standard local and national calls and calls to Virgin Mobile in Oz
- Includes line rental

- Transfer your home number after 30 days

- Home modem with built-in wi-fi included

- 512 kbps typical download speed (excluding peer to peer)

- 2GB of downloads and no extra charges

terms and conditions apply

- for more information visit Virgin Broadband Australia

find out about mobile broadband from Virgin Broadband Australia

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