Brazilian Girls nominated for GRAMMY

Music news last week announced that the Brazilian Girls have been nominated for the Best Electronic/Dance Album award in the 51st Annual GRAMMY Nominations list.

That may not mean that much to you if you have never heard the Brazilian Girls play, but for the thousands of fans who witnessed the trio at the 2006 Virgin Mobile Festival in the US.

For the uninitiated, Brazilian Girls are almost certainly not what you think they are. They are not a teeny-boppy group of gorgeous women who rely on their samba charm rather than musical talent to sell records.

For that matter, none of them are Brazilian and only one of the band members is female, so remove any preconceived ideas you may have had.

As John Diliberto summed it up in his online review for, the name Brazilian Girls is, designed to steer you to the wrong sites in a Web search, but he continues, the music the Brazilian Girls make is more seductive than salacious.

The Brazilian Girls were formed and started their music careers in New York but the group have a much more global background.

Lead singer Sabina Sciubba is an Italian beauty who was raised in France and Germany. Keyboard maestro Didi Gutman is Argentinean and hails from Buenos Aires. The groups drummer, Aaron Johnston is the only America, from Kansas City.

The blend of three continents in the musicians is reflected in the blend of music they produce. To paint it with the broadest of brush strokes would be to classify it as electronic dance, hence the GRAMMY nomination, but the label doesnt begin to scratch the surface of the various influences on their music.

The Brazilian Girls have elements of pop, rock, electronica, rap, techno, funk, reggae, house and hip-hop all rolled into one to create an unusual but enthralling sound. Their album New York City is at times surrealist rap, at others it is downbeat trip-hop which has overtones of Portishead and occasionally its jazzed up pop on a samba high.

If the Virgin Mobile Fest in Baltimore is anything to go by, then Brazilian Girls deserve their spot in the GRAMMY nominees. They are in esteemed company with the likes of Daft Punk, Kylie Minogue and Moby.

Who do you want to win the GRAMMY for Best Electronic/Dance Album? Tell us if youd vote for Brazilian Girls.

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