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Coffee at work

There are few more prevalent vices in the modern workplace than social media and coffee. Most people find it difficult enough to get everything theyd like done during the working day without having to contend with added distractions.

With this in mind Virgin Media Pioneers have decided to look into the things that cost us time, attempting to provide a workable solution to curtailing bad working habits.

So, what are the common pitfalls and how are they best avoided?

Coffee and Sugar We all like to think a coffee and a sugary snack will give us that energy boost to get us through the day, however its easy to overdo it. Youll quickly become nervous and fidgety with too much caffeine in your bloodstream, stick to water and fruit if you want to perk yourself up the healthy way.

Too many meetings While they can be a very productive and efficient way of discussing ideas and getting work done, they can easily turn into a waste of time if not properly structured. Ensure meetings are planned in advance and an agenda is present to prevent them turning into a waffling session.

Facebook Ill just read this post, Ill just look at this album, Ill just make one more witty comment. Everyone has experienced the time consuming powers of Facebook, it's best to keep it to your lunch hour. If you manage a page through work then creating a separate account to do so can give you back a lot of wasted time.

Twitter & Emails There are few things better for sharing and gaining information, but constantly checking these two can leave you with little time to do anything else. Set aside 10 minutes every hour to check whats been happening and send responses, no more.

Skipping lunch It may seem like a good way to give yourself that extra half hour but itll cost you in the long run. Food, fresh air and a discussion about anything other than work will focus you for the rest of the day, you may find your concentration waning if you try to work with no breaks.

Visit Virgin Media Pioneers to have a look at their tips and take part in their survey.

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