Aussies would lose Ashes to pay off debt

Aussies would lose Ashes to pay off debt

Australians have revealed they would happily let England win The Ashes cricket series if it meant all of their personal debts were paid off. and Virgin Money Australia asked more than 3,000 Australian residents what scenario they would let happen if it meant they'd have all of debts written off and 26% plumped for Ricky Ponting's cricketers losing to Andrew Strauss' England boys.

Cancelling Aussie Rules Football and replacing it with tiddley winks wasn't quite as popular (22%), but most people (31%) would allow everyone's favourite animal lover Rolf Harris to perform a month-long residency at Sydney Opera House in exchange for a debt-free life.

Meanwhile, only 12% would gladly let Mel Gibson become Australian Prime Minister in return for their debts disappearing. Speaking of controversial actor Gibson, he cropped up elsewhere in the survey, which is celebrating the relaunching of Virgin Money Australia.

When asked what dare they would be prepared to do to raise some serious money, 27% of respondents declared they would get Mel Gibson angry. Now there's a scary image.

The Ashes Cricket

29% of Aussies replied that they would bungee jump off Sydney Harbour Bridge to raise some serious money, while going on Australia's Got Talent as a Lady Gaga tribute act also proved popular.

When it comes to the ultimate car boot sale, Aussies are not keen on selling their soul. The poser 'what's the absolute last thing you'd sell to raise some much needed cash?' garnered some interesting replies, with over 35% stating they wouldn't sell their soul.

Only 20% would refuse to sell their Grandmother (after all she's done for you, tut tut), and lucky undies would be first out of the door, with only 4% of respondents refusing to part with their y-fronts.

Of course, any sensible Aussie knows the best way to save money and make everyone better off is to check out Virgin Money Australia.

Here are the full results of the survey:

1. Which of these every day expenses do you most wish were free?

Daily groceries to keep the fridge stocked - 54.0%

A cleaner to cover your domestic chores - 25.1%

Bus or train fare to work and back - 8.5%

Breakfast from your favourite caf - 5.4%

Taxi home at night - 4.3%

A pub lunch - 2.6%

2. If you found 50 dollars on the street, would you:

Treat yourself to that unnecessary luxury item youve been coveting for ages (who could blame you?) - 31.8%
Save it for a rainy day (very sensible) - 18.1%

Buy a present for your loved one (ah bless, what a sweetie) - 15.6%

Blow it on a round of drinks for your mates (cheers!) - 12.4%

Pay a bit off your credit card (a toughie but a goodie) - 12.2%

Donate it to charity (is that a halo over your head?) - 7.4%

Gamble it at a casino (double your money!?) - 2.4%

3. In which of these scenarios do you most dread being caught short with an empty wallet?

Paying at the supermarket checkout (especially if theres an unimpressed, stony-faced cashier) - 42.9%

Paying for a round of drinks while making friends and influencing people - 14.6%

Paying for a posh dinner when youre out to impress - 13.4%

Paying on public transport when theres a huge queue of commuters tutting behind you - 12.9%

Paying for an impulsive extravagant purchase in a particularly judgemental and pretentious designer boutique - 6.3%

Paying for a taxi just when youve managed to catch a ride home with a new love interest - 5.6%

Paying your contribution in an office whip-round for the boss - 4.4%

4. Which of these dares would you be prepared to do to raise some serious money?

Bungee jump off the Sydney Harbor Bridge - 28.8%

Get Mel Gibson angry - 26.5%

Go on Australia's Got Talent as a Lady Gaga tribute act - 13.9%

Swim with a great white shark - 11.4%

Lick a marsupial's pouch - 7.5%

Face a Mitchell Johnson bouncer without a helmet on - 6.5%

Feed a very hungry congregation of crocodiles while blindfolded - 5.4%

BRANSONmoney 3

5. What's the absolute last thing you'd sell to raise some much needed cash?

Your soul - 35.8%

Your body - 22.8%

Your Grandmother - 20.7%

Your house - 8.7%

Your car - 7.1%

Your lucky undies - 4.9%

6. Which of these scenarios would you let happen if it meant you'd have all your debts written off?

Rolf Harris perform a month-long residency at Sydney Opera House - 31.0%

Australia lose the Ashes against England - 26.4%

Aussie Rules football be cancelled and replaced with tiddlywinks - 22.9%

Mel Gibson become Prime Minister of Australia - 12.6%

Ayers Rock be sold and moved to a theme park in the USA - 7.1%

Jen Blackman was the lucky winner of a Virgin competition for free flights from Australia to Los Angeles with Virgin Blue and Virgin Money Australia. Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey.

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