4 hot fitness trends to look out for in 2013

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Virgin Active and Grazia have come together to look into the latest fitness trends, giving you a head start on your get fit mission for 2013.

With so many of us heading to our local health club to get into shape, its important to make sure youre not being left behind. These four new trends should be able to inject some fun and diversity to your routines, helping you get the perfect summer body.

1. Extreme exercises

Weve all probably done spinning and Power Plate. But what about super-spinning and non-stop Power Plate? According to Grazia the regimes currently being practised by the likes of Lady Gaga and Mila Kunis are now coming to a Virgin Active near you. Also look out for Myride+, a Tour de France style session with virtual scenery and sounds to distract you from the burn.

2. Swimming with a difference

Weve seen a huge surge in fitness swimming in the last month', explains Glen Heidke, Head of Swim at Virgin Active. Its all about getting race fit which means swimming smarter. We now teach pro tumble turns, drills, and kicking techniques. Swimtag, high-tech wristband, is being used by people as their own personal swimming coach tracking stroke efficiency, speed, distance and calories burnt.

3. Time to cool off

Ice baths have been used by professional athletes for many years to recover, now its the turn of us amateurs. I tell my clients to throw some ice in their bath and sit in it for five or six minutes. It doesnt even have to be after a workout. A short, cold shower has the same effect. It lowers your bodys core temperature so your metabolism revs up and you burn calories trying to stay warm, explained celebrity trainer Dalton Wong to Grazia.

4. Pedometers with a difference

The Nike+ Fuel Band measures time, calories and steps. It also tracks your activity based on oxygenkinetics (thats the movement of your wrist). The more you move, the more Nike Fuel you will earn. Theres no gender or body type info needed, NikeFuel awards everyone on equal scoring regardless of their physical make-up.

If youre now in the mood to hit the treadmill, head over to Virgin Active and find out where your nearest health club is.

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