Uffie - 'Sex, Dreams and Denim Jeans' - album review

Uffie interview on Pharrell and rock star mot

Hooray! The debut album from this American via Hong Kong via French electro hip hop star has been given the status of being off and on, possibly coming out and weve got no idea. Prior to the release of this debut album, there have been plenty of EPs, singles and collaborations for fans of Uffie to indulge in. Since 2006, original material has been available to buy, including' Pop The Glock/Ready To Uff' and 'Hot Chick/In Charge'.

Because this record is roughly three or four years in the making, the whole music scene has evolved and changed around the original content Uffie has recorded. Firstly, we have to realise that at present, the sound of synth/electro has taken over with everyone from Lady Gaga, Pixie Lott and Ke$ha recording in this style. And annoyingly for Uffie, she is going to be compared to the latter.

Teenage girls armed with BlackBerrys they dont need will be on to presumably call Uffie an unoriginal cow or something like that. But theyll probably never listen to her music. Uffie crushes her rival when it comes to original style, collaborations and not relying on studio trickery to robotically alter her voice. Most of the beats produced on this record come from producers who are very well respected. Mr. Oizo gave a helping hand alongside the talented Pharell Williams who lent his vocals, as did The Rapture frontman, Mattie Safer.

Oddly, this record even feels like a time capsule back in to the times of aged social media websites. Anyone remember MySpace? Now seemingly laughed at by the Twitter generation for its over use of blogs, spam and poor design, the now dormant corner of the internet is still used by bands plugging their badly mastered material. It must be because 'Sex, Dreams and Denim Jeans' was delayed for various personal issues involving Uffie, but it still gets the point across of being tongue and cheek whilst keeping a sense of credibility.

And whats that then? With Uffie entering the lions den of aggressive male rap cant be an easy thing to accomplish. Even when fellow ladies have a go, the results dont seem to sound personal; the music is rough and harsh with lyrics that would make anyones mother wince. But keeping it to her own values, the cheeky lyrics that at times mock rap music in general raise a smile to anyone listening. At one point, Uffie even points out the difference between her own fans by singing youve got H&M, Im Paul Smith bitch. Whilst this seems like an odd lyric to slip in, conventional rap always seems to focus on the overpriced cars, booze and bling. Perhaps keeping it more down to earth and even affordable is a better relation for her and her audience.

Even though its been a long time in waiting, this takes all the sophisticated elements of hip hop/electro and doesnt simply throw them at yet another starlet wanting to be big. Carefully written and at times laugh out loud makes for a listen that the underground will go crazy for.


Matthew Laidlow

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