Top 7 Robin Hood songs

Top 7 Robin Hood songs

Robin Da Hood has a magical musical moment to help him spread the message of a fair go for all with Virgin Mobile Australia.

In that spirit, here are the top seven other songs inspired by the legend of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

7. The Rifles - Robin Hood

Rockers and former Virgin bloggers The Rifles showcase an acoustic side with their version of Robin Hood, performed in Germany in the video above. Amongst some trees, fittingly enough.

6. Oo-De-Lally by Roger Miller

Roger Miller wrote three songs for Disney's 1971 animated Robin Hood film, including this carefree gem of the good guys getting one over on the bad guys.

5. Robin Hood by Ocean Colour Scene

A B-Side from their classic 'Moseley Shoals' album, this Robin Hood tells a lovelorn tale of playing Robin Hood, with singer Simon Fowler in heartfelt form.

4. Men In Tights by Mel Brooks

"We're men, we're men in tights/always on guard defending the people's rights." With that admirable message and some very silly dancing, Mel Brooks created this catchy little ode to Robin Hood.

3. The Phoney King of England by Phil Harris

Robin Hood's ever-dastardly nemesis was sent up by Phil Harris in the second hilarious entry from Disney's classic animation. What a puppet show to boot.

2. Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams

It had to be on the list didn't it? Bryan Adams sat on a lofty perch as the number one single in most of the world for nearly the whole of 1991, soundtracking Kevin Costner's equally over the top turn as the Sherwood Forest outlaw in Prince of Thieves. Power ballads at their best, here.

1. Carl Sigman - The Adventures of Robin Hood

"Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen!" Sung across many a schoolyard to this day, the theme tune to The Adventures of Robin Hood captures the spirit of the outlaw in one of the catchiest melodies ever recorded.

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Go to Virgin Mobile Australia to find out how Robin Da Hood is turning unfairness into choice and unhappiness into merriness.

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