Top 10 ice cream songs - Summer of Love

Top 10 ice cream songs - Summer of Love

It's the Summer of Love! And summer means just one thing to us at Virgin - ice cream time.

Here are the top 10 songs about ice cream, from New Young Pony Club to Van Halen, Glasvegas to Captain Beefheart...

10. Sarah McLachlan - Ice Cream
Canadian ballad belter Sarah McLachlan mines the age-old ice cream/love metaphor once more and why not? We take umbrage with Sarahs claim that your love is better than ice cream though. She obviously hasnt been to the Virgin Summer of Love ice cream van.

9. Glasvegas Ice Cream Van
A cry for community spirit and freedom from Scottish rockers Glasvegas, with James Allen just wanting to keep waiting on the pavement for the ice cream van to come. Lovely stuff.

8. The Dynamics - Ice Cream Man
Harmonies to melt even the iciest of hearts from Detroit soul stars The Dynamics here. If loving you was ice cream, I could be the ice cream man. Whatever you say Mr Dynamics Singer Man.

7. Battles - Ice Cream
This video is far from suitable for work, but it does contain a lot of ice cream. The New York hipsters smash musical flavours together like a particularly adventurous gelatiere. If you dance to this while eating an ice cream we must warn you about the almost-certainty of spillages

6.Van Halen - Ice Cream Man
Im your ice cream van, stop me when Im passing by/all my favours are guaranteed to satisfy. Cue some very silly guitar solos and surf-pop bass and you have a song almost as fun as ice cream itself.

5. Hannah Montana - Ice Cream Freeze (Lets Chill)
Definitely the cheesiest ice cream song on the shelf, heres some truly awful Disney schmaltz from Miley Cyrus as her alter-ego Hannah Montana. Does make us want an ice cream though. Then again, what doesnt?

4. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Ice Cream For Crow
Ice cream can be pretty weird stuff. Who knew rum and raisin would work? Well heres the late Captain Beefheart bringing his trademark genius oddness to the subject with Ice Cream For Crow. No, were not completely sure whats going on either.

3. Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Ice Cream
A touch of jazz, thats what we need, and who better to provide it than the Preservation Hall Jazz Band? The revolving line-up of New Orleans players are in fine form on this genre standard.

2. Tom Waits Ice Cream Man
Tom Waits doesnt so much scream for ice cream as wheeze into his piano for it, but then again, if Tom Waits is the Ice Cream Van then wed like a flake with that please Tom.

1. New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream
New Young Pony Club performed their hit single Ice Cream at the Virgin Red Room launch party last year here it is live in all its (knickerbocker) glory.

What's your favourite ice cream song? Look out for more ice cream-based treats as the Summer of Love continues...

Greg Rose

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