New York Underground: Mister Sunday

New York Underground: Mister Sunday

It's the coolest party in town. And it takes place in the most unlikely of spots - along the banks of a polluted canal, the Gowanus Canal, one of the country's most toxic sites.

It's called Mister Sunday and it speaks to the art culture of this generation to push for party places away from the drab gentrification of New York.


Every Sunday in the summer, a hum of electronic music filters through the abandoned warehouses and barren streets of the industrial neighborhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn, the source coming from the shaking speakers of DJ's Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin.

The weekly party takes place on a small patch of open land called Gowanus Grove. "The space has been used for culture and arts for years. The two silos that are on the property were storage spaces of some kind. God knows what they stored. The landlord bought the space and turned the silos into an artist space," said Carter.


Carter and Harkin open the gates from 3pm-9pm - a daytime party, closing early to keep the locals happy. Young adults, babies, artists and party goers all merge among the brushy trees and picnic tables to guzzle local brews from the nearby Six Point and Brooklyn Breweries and to chow down on tacos and huaraches served up by Country Boys.

Things get busy when the sun sets and the glow from the Edison light bulbs colour the concrete dance floor, which is filled with moving bodies and capped by a shiny disco ball. People dance to an eclectic mix of electronic house - songs by artists such as Underground Resistance, Brassroots and Todd Terje. The scene is a gem of a sight that sits in stark contrast among the surrounding storage silos and derelict warehouses.


"I think it's perfect. It's hard to find a spot where you get that feeling that you're not in the middle of the city when you're going to hang out. A place like this you're sitting by a canal with not a whole lot of people around outside of the party. It's awesome," said attendee, Jon Gemus.

Carter and Harkin keep the party rolling all summer with guest DJs from around the globe from time to time, creating a unique atmosphere every Sunday.


"The reason why we throw parties and play music is because we want to bring people together to have a good time. We want to share something with people. That's the reason to create anything in the first place," said Carter.


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