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FollowingLostprophets' first interview, drummerLuke JohnsontellsVirgin Red Roomhis and the band's worst times; including a terrible review, bad gigs and a lot of colourful language...

The worst job I had was probably working in Tescos, that was a bullshit dish. Ive had a lot of bullshit jobs, it makes you well rounded, if Id been a spoilt c*** then I probably wouldnt have made it into this band.

The worst film Ive seen is called Rubber, its about a tyre killing people. Its fucking heinous, although its that bad its good so Im not too sure if it actually is the worst film Ive seen.

The worst gig is still yet to come I think. Theres never been a time when the shits got fucked, if the shit does hit the fan then as a professional musician you can get the hell out of there. When we played Reading in 2009 we were playing Last Train Home and Ian started singing the Rooftops lyrics over the top of it these things happen, we are not machines so you just get on with it.

The worst review I read was of one of my old bands after we played Manchester Academy, there wasnt a single thing written about the show, it was all about how we looked like a bunch of c***s. This person hated us and so it wasnt about the music, it just becomes amusing at that stage.

The worst thing about making Weapons was the disagreements in the studio, youd be crazy to think that youre never going to argue about certain aspects. Theres ups and downs, its like being in a relationship. You first get in the studio and youre all amped, it was 50-50 between party times and I cant get my fucking head round this. Its tricky when there are six people with different opinions to appease

I cant wait to get back on tour in the UK, its the home of the band so we dont take it for granted. Shit really started here and we really appreciated all the kids who are proper amped to see us, its going to be great to get back in that touring mentality. Were a tight group and love hanging out, boys night out cant beat it.

ReadLostprophets' first interviewfor a whole host of first times to go with these worst times...

Lostprophets' new album 'Weapons' is out now.

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