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Having recently returned with the gloriously loud Weapons Lostprophets were all too keen to chat to Virgin Red Room,in the wake of their first live TV performance for years. Drummer Luke Johnson let us in on the bands first times, including bullshit jobs and faceless journalists...

The first gig I went to was Marillion at the age of eight, my Dad who was working on the show and brought me along.

My first job was bullshit, before I was 16 me and the next door neighbour stole a lawnmower and started posting flyers about, saying wed cut lawns for a fiver. It didnt really work out though, we made about a tenner over two months.

The first album I bought was that Dire Straits album with that big friggin tune on it, I saved up my pocket money as a kid. I also remember getting a Status Quo 7 at the age of six, this isnt credible at all actually.

The first film I saw was Flight of the Navigator or maybe the original Tron, I loved those type of films as a kid.

The first Lostprophets gig I played was at Manchester Academy and I was absolutely shitting my pants before going on stage. It was actually the only gig in my life Ive played where everything went perfectly, I was that on edge I concentrated so much that I knew every single beat. I walked off stage and knew I hadnt made a single mistake.

The first live TV performance I did was a bit nerve-wracking but it's not like that anymore. At the end of the day if I get inside my own head Ill mess up the show, you cant worry about making mistakes. Youve got to forget about the cameras and lights.

The first time I read a review of myself was someone slagging me off online, people say things and then hide behind computer screens. Im fine with it, I can deal with it as theres so many positives with what I do that you have to accept things like that. Theres a lot of faceless people out there though.

When you make an album, or any piece of art, youre asking for someones opinion so when you release the thing it no longer belongs to you. When we were in the studio the songs were ours, when Weapons gets released itll be the publics, the fans. Were asking for an opinion.

This record is honest, its real and full of human emotion. Its full of brutal honesty and the product of six dudes fighting it out in the studio for the best path to take the band down. It gets real fucking passionate at times.

Lostprophets' new album 'Weapons' is out now.

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