Kylie album review - Aphrodite

Kylie album review - Aphrodite

MmmmKylie. Its as applicable now as it was when Martin Clunes first comically dribbled over her in Men Behaving Badly back in the early 90s.

Thankfully, where that TV show is now confined to late night reruns on obscure channels, Miss Minogue is still very much part of the current music world. The Antipodean pop pixie refuses to fade from public interest and with 'Aphrodite' Kylie proves shes not ready to hang up the hot pants just yet.

Undoubtedly Kylies past few albums have been some of her best. 'Aphrodite' continues the stream of accessible feel good dance and pop songs. And its a great all round album. Nearly every track is a potential hit, some making current single All The Lovers look a little tame in comparison.

Of course, in keeping with the very centre of middle of the road music, parts of Aphrodite perhaps backs away from true potential. Closer is great track with its Daft Punk-ish electro line, yet its screaming out for a phatter bassline and a major club remix.

At times, this album feels like some Kylie has lost some of the Two Hearts period bolshiness. Yet then hearing the title track with its stinging similarity to the better work of the Scissor Sisters proves she can still pull off the ballsy numbers (so to say).

While there isnt anything super knock out on this release, there really isnt anything that displeases either. And to be honest thats the best way to play it - most people would rather have 12 tracks of good songs than 3 amazing tracks and the rest filler. Cupid Boy is perhaps the track where all the glistening pop pieces come together the best, but its a title it only just takes from several other strong contenders.

In summary, Kylie has come back with another winner. Aphrodite may not rock the boat in terms of pushing boundaries, but it delivers far more than most albums have in this lacklustre year. Then again - and proven now for over two decades this is what Kylie does best. Good on yer, lass!


Jon Bye

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